A simple gothic girl that is everything but simple. A cosplayer, costume and jewelry designer, dancer, event organizer, or, with one word, a true artist!
Performer with a motto "Art for art's sake".
An artistís artist, either on the stage or behind it.
Creature of the Underworld that can afford to LOVE!

I like to be in the world of my imagination, but I always wanted to bring that beautiful world into real life. I started with small steps, creating my beloved gothic jewelry brand called "After Hours". It's a game I like to play when the whole world falls asleep, at dead of night, in the silence of my workshop. Of course, a little help of Sisters of Mercy is always needed
Few years later, I entered a totally new and fabulous world for me. World of Cosplay. It combined everything I ever loved, such as performing and making costumes, being on the stage or infront of the camera. I falled in love instantly and that love keeps growing.
Over time, that hobby grew into my professional call. Now, as an experianced Cosplayer with many awards, I also make costumes for the others. That's why I decided to find few more members that can help me with making the costumes and we created "Pumpkin workshop".
I love to make costumes, and I like to challenge myself. That's why my costumes are always big and detailed.
Few years ago there weren't that many Cosplay events, and I needed them in order to be able to show to the people what I can do. I brought together people who like similar things as I do, and who are booklovers just like me, so we decided to organize the "Tolkienfest" which later ended in founding the organization called "Valinor".
I also run my own Gothic fashion brand, called "Ianthe" which means "violet flower" in old Greek. And since my real name means also "violet flower", I thought it's a perfect match.